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Curtin University
Humanities Graduate Research Conference

The Truth is Out There

 Image 2012 Conference

18 & 19 October 2012

That "The Truth is Out There" is the title of "The Official Guide to the X Files, Volume 1" is by no means the only reason for adopting it as the theme for the 2012 Humanities Postgraduate Student Conference in 2012 - though the fact that the Mayans and various other doomsayers predict the end of the world in May could add a little piquancy to the use of such an extra-terrestrial theme for what will be the thirteenth of these conferences.

Many postgraduate students across and beyond the Humanities not only believe that the truth is out there but that they will actually find some small part of it in the course of their research. Alternatively, a number of epistemological approaches in both the Humanities and the Social Sciences consider that that there is either no truth or an infinity of truths. Finally, we acknowledge that that the "truths" that our research students uncover or engage with are often "out there" - unexpected, challenging and amazing.

Whether you bring your truth, your truths or your denial of truth, we invite postgraduate students, from Australia and overseas, and from Humanities disciplines including Social Sciences, Creative Arts, Education and the Built Environment to present and share ideas at the thirteenth Humanities Postgraduate Conference on October 18 - 19 2012.