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Curtin University
Humanities Graduate Research Conference

Voicing the Unseen: Just write it! 2010

 Image 2010 Conference

Eleventh Humanities Graduate Research Conference
10th - 11th November, 2010

The joys of research are often found in the quest for knowledge, in the imaginings while working in the studio, in the unexpected document in the archives, in the engaged conversations of the field, in the irregular patterns of data collection. These pleasures represent one aspect of the unseen activities of research. Beyond them lie the numerous questions that confront the researcher in the conduct of their investigation. How to capture the essence of the scene? How to approach the subject from an ethical position? How to embrace difference and alterity with respect? How to conceive an original contribution to knowledge? How to position oneself reflexively?

There’s only one answer: just write it!
In this interdisciplinary conference we want to engage with the voices of honours, postgraduate and early career researchers who are imagining, working through, and experimenting with the whole range of research activities in the Humanities, creative, qualitative, quantitative.... We are interested in the unseen challenges and questions surrounding your research and your approaches to dealing with them. Is finding answers just as simple as writing it?

These online proceedings have been double blind refereed and were published on the 21 October 2011.