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Curtin University
Humanities Graduate Research Conference

Engaging place(s)/engaging culture(s)


Sense of Community

A Better Time and A Better Place: Global Political Consciousness and New Forms of Public Intellectualism [.pdf - 69kb]
Helen Fordham

A Carer’s Ambivalence: Intergenerational Caring for and about Older People
Sue Gillieatt

Threat or Thrill in Suburbia: An Artist’s Response to the Changing Nature of Place
Jennifer Kamp

Sustainability discourse, place and the green building
Thor Kerr

Australian Media Hegemony and the Internet
Nicholas Pendergrast

Meeting the Needs of Refugee Youth at a Western Australian University: A Case Study from Curtin University [.pdf - 96kb]
Clancy Read, Jaya Earnest and Gabriella DeMori

Sense of Identity

Love Cake: Authenticity and the Boundaries of ‘Eurasian’ in the Hybrid Kitchen [.pdf - 69kb]
Michelle Burns

Globalisation and Critical Whiteness Studies: An Examination of ‘White’ Identity Construction in the Locus of Indigenous Sovereignty [.pdf - 71kb]
Michelle Carey

Practical solutions to performing the role of Violetta Valery in Giuseppe Verdi’s La traviata (1853)
Caroline Ellsmore

Seeking Jane and Joy: The struggle to Become Authentic, Ethical Auto-Ethnographers [.pdf - 387kb]
Jane Grellier and Joy Denise Scott

Mongolian Art under Socialism: Speaking on Behalf of the People
Anja Reid

Sense of Place

Sacred Spaces in Contemporary English Literature: Muslim Contributions [.pdf - 93kb]
Firouzeh Ameri

Chant: Creating a Sacred Place through Drawing
Cindy Yuen Zhe Chen

The Impact of Colour
Soma Mandal Datta

Virtual Diasporas and the Dilemma of Multiple Belongings in Cyberspace [.pdf - 140kb]
Susan Leong

The Culturally Diverse Classroom: Challenges for Teacher Education [.pdf - 60kb]
Shireen Maged

Lexical Borrowing in Malaysian Short Stories
Rita Abdul Rahman Ramakrishna

I want to be heard! Classroom echoes of resistance
Janean Robinson

MARS: An Empty Space or a New Place?
Trevor Rodwell