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A central part of your research study program and your academic life is to be comfortable on the conference circuit

To take your research to a conference to make it known to others, to attend conferences in order to learn about the research of others, to take part in discussion of others' and your own research and for the networking and publishing opportunities. One preparation for this sort of professional involvement comes from taking part in the Faculty's Staff Seminars and the Postgraduate Research Seminar series. A more formal (but highly supportive) opportunity comes through the Curtin Humanities Graduate Research Conference.

The Conference showcases postgraduate research in the Humanities by bringing together Curtin Humanities research students with colleagues from other state, interstate and international universities. It is designed and run like any other national or international conferences. But at the same time the conference is very supportive of participants, especially those presenting or chairing a session for the first time. Read more about the conference